Welded I-beams

Welded I-beam is an I-shaped structure made by welding together three bands of alloyed or carbon steel. In terms of their mechanical properties, these beams are not inferior to the similar hot-rolled products. In our country, welded beams are widely used in industrial and civil construction in view of the scarcity and the high cost of large hot-rolled I-beams, as well as owing to the possibility of manufacturing welded beams to the geometric dimensions and the lengths provided by the customer. This enables improved metal consumption, faster production, and shorter construction project time-frame.

Welded I-beams are used in design of single-floor and high-rise buildings, floor decks, columns, pillars, and as piles, crane substructures etc.

The main problem currently faced by engineers is minimizing metal consumption while maintaining the necessary bearing capacity of the structure with the properly selected  welded I-beam cross section. After all, this will constitute the basis for the subsequently estimated cost of the project.

Besides, the possibility of truncated welded beam manufacturing and a host of option for beam web perforation will not only make your building more durable, but will also increase its aesthetic appeal. Architects and designers often use those.

Thermasteel Ukraine has an I-beam welding line and many years of experience manufacturing of metal structures from such products. Our equipment is designed to produce up to 4,000 lm of welded I-beams per month. All our welded I-beams are manufactured to order with due consideration of all the customer’s preferences and requirements of the design documentation in terms of dimensions, lengths, tolerances, quality of cleaning and corrosion protection of the surface. Circumferential seams of the beams are welded by automatic submerged arc welding with the use of the certified technology. Welders who perform these types of work also passed European certification. At each of the manufacturing stages, the products undergo regular in-process inspection. A factory certificate of quality is issued for each batch of products.

We offer to our customers the welded beams suitable to replace hot-rolled I-beams produced at steel mills in Russia as per the GOST 26020-83 and STO ASChM 20-93 standards.

I-beam girders are perhaps the most common form of I-beams today. No construction site can make do without them. They are widely used in industrial and civil construction and are designed to bear constant bending loads. I-beam girders serve as components of roof and floor beams, flooring, frames, spatial structures, overpasses, bridges, and other structures.


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