Welded steel columns

Welded steel columns are among the key elements of the building frame. They bear all the load, transmit it to the foundation and perform the basic carrying function of the frame. The strength of the building and, consequently, the safety of the people inside depend on their stability.

The design of future foundations and connections of structural elements adjacent to the columns (beams, struts, wall enclosure pointing elements) depends specifically on the type of the columns used.

Another important factor in the selection of the column design is their appearance, as they often serve as elements of the building’s interior design and exterior finishing.

Welded columns can be produced from both welded I-beams and roll-formed and hot-rolled channels, I-beams, angles, round pipes, hollow sections, and sheet products.

In terms of their purpose, welded columns can be divided into primary (columns that bear the total load of the building) and studwork (columns that receive only wind load or that are needed only as additional retaining structures during assembly).

In terms of their structural design, columns can be solid or open, uniform- or variable-section, stepped or separate.

Regardless of their design though, all types of columns have a similar set of elements such as the column base, the column shaft, the column head, and shaped elements.

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