Foundation is the basis of your house. It must take all the diverse characteristics of the soil into account. Framing houses are the lightest. Therefore, it is best to use shallow foundations for basement-free homes. The options include slabs, continuous foundations, or piled foundations.

When compared to traditional foundations, shallow foundations are entirely embedded in the freezing layer of the soil. In order to eliminate the effects of the soil frost heaving, it is necessary to provide for an external insulation of foundations. Extruded polystyrene foam is the best material for thermal insulation of foundations. It is also necessary to insulate the blind area, which will help eliminate the possibility of soil freezing at the base of the foundation.

Continuous Foundations

A continuous foundation is a reinforced-concrete strip that goes around the perimeter of the building. The strip is placed under all the load-bearing walls of the building and maintains the same cross-sectional shape around the entire perimeter of the foundation.

Ленточный фундамент

1) Wall structures,

2) Insulation,

3) Blind area,

4) Floor structures,

5) Waterproofing,

6) Sand bedding,

7) Foundation soil,

8) Continuous foundation.

Shallow Slab Foundations

Shallow slab foundation is a hard disk that “floats” along with the house in the winter-spring period. A monolithic concrete slab is placed on a bedding of non-frost heaving material, which reduces the unevenness and movement of the foundation. When using this option, the concrete consumption decreases by 50 % as compared to conventional foundations, and installation costs are reduced by 40 %.

Мелкозаглубленный плитный фундамент

1) Wall structures,

2) Monolithic slab,

3) Blind area,

4) Insulation,

5) Sand cushion,

6) Foundation soil.

Piled Foundations

Piled foundations are used where area is characterized by a high water table or if the top soil layer cannot withstand the pressure from the house. Screw piles have worked well for construction in areas with difficult terrains.

Screw piles are steel pipes that feature a weld-on blade. Screw piles have a high load-bearing capacity, which is explained by the fact that the soil between the turns is not loosened in the course of installation of the foundation but is compacted by the pile blade.

Свайный фундамент

1) Wall structures,

2) Floor structures,

3) Piles,

4) Foundation soil.


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