Floor decking

Floor decking is composed of load-bearing beams 200 to 300 mm high or 300-mm-high trusses. A corrugated sheet, which serves as a permanent formwork, distributes vertical loads and creates a rigid overlap disk, is placed on top of the bearing structures.
Two types of installation of covering are used:

Wet type: when 50-70-mm-thick cement-sand mortar screed reinforced with a wire mesh is installed on top of the profiled sheet.

Dry type: when a slab material, which is covered by the finish flooring, is placed on top of the profiled sheet in two layers.
In order to provide acoustic insulation, the insulation material is placed into the cavity between the supporting structures using damper tapes. The ceiling includes roof sheathing secured to the lower part of the beams or trusses and sheathing of two layers of gypsum board 12.5 mm thick each.

Floor decking

(installation type: wet)

1) Flooring,

2) Base sheet,

3) Cement-sand screed,

4) Reinforcing mesh,

5) Polysterene concrete,

6) Profiled sheeting,

7) Waterproofing,

8) Damper tape,

9) Insulation,

10) Frame (LGSF),

11) Vapor barrier,

12) Sheathing,

13) Slab material.

Floor decking

(installation type: dry)

1) Flooring,

2) Base sheet,

3) OSB,

4) Profiled sheeting,

5) Insulation,

6) Waterproofing,

7) Frame (LGSF),

8) Damper tape,

9) Vapor barrier,

10) Sheathing,

11) Slab material.


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