Guide to Your LGSF

1. Contact Us

When working with our customers, we strive to achieve the maximum convenience and efficiency from the initial call till the end of construction and Completion Certificate signing. With that in mind, we offer our customers to choose the most suitable option for initial contact.

These options include: a direct call or a written request to the subject matter specialist through the Contacts website section; completion of a Terms of Reference for LGSF Construction or a Terms of Reference for Welded I-Beam Manufacture form with indication of contact information; or a cost estimate for a model industrial building using our LGSF Calculator with a feedback form to complete.

2. Technical Consulting.

After the initial contact, our specialists will reach you using the provided contact information to specify all the necessary data to make preliminary calculations for your building. The data include information about the intended construction site, the purpose of the building, wind, snow or dynamic loads, availability of necessary crane facilities at the construction site, site investigation data, desired corrosion and fire protection etc.

If necessary, our specialists can make an additional brief presentation of our company, providing information about the implemented projects similar to yours, letters of recommendation and additional technical information. Our specialists can visit the customer to inspect the construction site and to provide technical advice both for new construction and renovation of existing buildings and structures.

Our specialists will provide you with a visual presentation and a 3D model of the building so that every detail of your project is agreed.

3. Pre-Design Commercial Offer.

After the technical consultations, the LGSF Calculation Terms of Reference will be prepared. Based on the obtained data, a pre-design commercial offer will be developed. It will contain all the necessary information on the quantity and the cost of the products and services specified, such as: the cost of design work, the cost of bearing and enclosing structures, the costs of bearing and enclosing structures assembly, the cost of materials and labor for foundations works, installation of windows, gates, metalware etc.

Also, we strongly recommend that our customers consult with the regulatory authorities of the local self-government on this stage in order to obtain building or reconstruction permits so as to prevent further conflicts pertinent to the start of construction work without proper permits.

4. Design.

The use of modern software allows for efficient and inexpensive development of highly complex designs in a very short time.

Based on the Design Terms of Reference, a Design Agreement is drafted, which specifies the deadlines and cost of design for the following phases: MS (Metal Structures), DMS (Detail Metal Structures), CS (Concrete Structures), EF (Exterior Finish).

On this stage, adjustments, changes, and approvals for any of the project phases are possible. Also, pre-production preparations are made with regard to the technological possibilities for production and assembly.

Once the design activities are completed, a hard copy and an electronic version original designs are transferred to the Customer for approval.


5. Manufacture of Bearing and Enclosing Structures

Upon approval of the design, we can proceed to manufacture bearing and enclosing structures at our factories.

Production deadlines, delivery schedules, and the order of shipped items are all agreed by the Customer. All of the above is reflected in the Supply Contract.

We can also deliver structures to the facility by our own or hired heavy trucks.

All products manufactured at our factories come with certificates of quality and other relevant certificates.


6. Bearing and Enclosing Structure Assembly

Assembly of your building is implemented by our own assembly department, which has all the necessary machinery and equipment. Through the use of modern technologies we can assemble structures practically all year around, except for extremely low temperatures and direct precipitation. The schedules for foundation laying and building assembly are generated before the start of these works and are fixed in the Assembly Works Contract.

If assembly on tight deadline is necessary, our company may engage subcontractors who must comply with the Building Codes and Regulations upon consultation with the Customer. We will be responsible for their work as for our own.

Once construction and assembly works are finished, a Completion Certificate will be issued and submitted to the Customer along with all necessary documentation, logs, hidden works certificates etc.


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