Light steel framing buildings

Light Gauge Steel Framing (LGSF)

The framing technology for residential, industrial, and commercial construction is most commonly used in low-rise construction. Over 80 % of the world’s private housing is built using this technology, which is applicable even in the countries with harsh climatic conditions (the Scandinavian countries, Canada etc.). In Europe, frame building construction gains increasingly more followers, gradually replacing other methods of low-rise construction.

History of the Technology

The main reason for the emergence of this technology was the need to build a large number of low-rise buildings for the middle class, which would correspond to the climatic conditions of a specific country. The LGSF technology has fairly quickly gained wide popularity, leading to reduction, and even elimination (in suburbs and cities), of wood framework use, the latter being costly, and susceptible to decay and insects. The main factor for the development of LGSF, however, was the possibility of mass industrial manufacture of steel profiles and availability of the necessary materials.

LGSF Composition

Light gauge steel framing consists of galvanized profiles: guides, racks, and jumpers. Light gauge steel framings can be fastened with threaded connections (screws, self-drilling or cutting screws) and bolts.


-      Enclosing structures in high-rise construction.

-      Floor decks and attic floors.

-      Construction and renovation of mansard roofs;. Construction of cottages, townhouses, low-rise buildings (up to 3 floors).

-      Construction of hangars for the industry (production facilities, garages, warehouses), agriculture (pig farms, cow sheds, poultry farms, vegetable storage facilities) and trade (parking lots, shops, shopping centers and rows of shopping stalls).

-      Construction of civil structures (hospitals, churches, schools etc.).

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