About us

Thermasteel Building is a rapidly developing manufacturer with the state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment meeting high manufacturing standards.

Presently, the company has at its disposal a manufacture area of over 10,000 square meters.

Thermasteel Building  makes its products from high quality materials produced by leading manufacturers.

We offer the best standard and custom solutions in the field of commercial construction.

Our solutions are the best in complying with customers’ needs and projects and contribute to the development of their businesses.

We are constantly expanding our activities and our product range according to your needs.

Thermasteel Building is among the largest producers in the East-European market for of roofing and facade materials.

Our principal activities are:

  • Design of steel buildings and structures for industrial and civil purposes;
  • General contracting and full building materials procurement;
  • Manufacturing and construction of prefabricated buildings (PFB) (workshops, hangars, warehouses, grain warehouses, vegetable stores, shopping centers, sports complexes, logistics centers, and other buildings for industrial and civil purposes);
  • Manufacturing of welded I-beams and metal structures;
  • Manufacturing, delivery, and assembly of metal tile and accessories;
  • Manufacturing, delivery, and assembly of profiled sheeting and accessories;
  • Manufacturing, delivery, and assembly of facade cassettes and accessories;
  • Manufacturing, delivery, and assembly of steel siding and accessories;
  • Manufacturing, delivery, and assembly of facade and roofing lozenges (scales, checkers) and accessories;
  • Manufacturing, delivery and assembly of rebated panels for roofs and accessories;
  • Sales, cutting, and delivery of rolled steel and pipes;
  • Delivery of products to the customer’s facility by company’s heavy trucks.
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